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Loading time is crucial to the success of your website, web app, app or program. In other words, you never want your web visitors to wait. When your website has to take some time to load all that cool content that you have to show, you should keep the user engage for those few seconds/milliseconds. We are showing how to delight users while they wait with our creative ideas for loading effect/animations made with anime.js.

COIDEA - Some ideas for loading effects

Attention: Note that we use modern CSS properties in this demo.

As said before, keep your website as fast as possible! Some argue that the use of a loading screen on your website is unnecessary, others but that well-designed website with well-designed loading animations are well worth the wait to load. Regardless of where you stand on the matter, it is hard not to appreciate a clever, creatively-designed loading screen that transforms a test of patience into something playful and captivating.

This challenge has three creative example of loading effects/animations made with anime.js that you can use in your projects. I hope you will find this loading effects/animations interesting and inspirational.

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