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Today, with this "Isotope Filtering with Search and Buttons" example, we are covering exactly these search and filter functions. We created a simple design which includes placeholder animations on focus state, button animations on hover and active states and simple image animation on hover state. For our Isotope grid, we choose a Masonry layout mode and the whole example is fully responsive.

COIDEA - Isotope Filtering with Search and Buttons

Attention: Note that we use modern CSS properties like a "viewport width or height" and "calc" property in this demo.

But this time our focus was on functionality. As a frontend developer, we often needed these Isotope features and we decided that this time we are creating and sharing with you these powerful Isotope functions and connecting them with a simple design, which may be exactly that what you need.

This article comes in the Draft category and covers an idea for Products page. Maybe this article gives you all that you need, but if not - it should not be too complicated to edit it for your needs.

Please read about Isotope License and enjoy this example. We hope this example will help you to solve some of your Isotope filtering and searching problems or just give you inspiration for your next project.

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